What it takes to become a successful trader


Becoming a successful trader is a very challenging task. People often think they know everything about the market and they can earn a huge amount of money without doing the proper testing. But things are not as easy as it seems. Though you can gain access to the retail trading industry without any hassle, still you have to emphasize your education. Without having a strong understanding of the market, you are not going to succeed as a retail trader.

Some novice traders often think that it is not possible to succeed in the retail trading industry. They are so much frustrated with their trading performance that they often stop exploring new things regarding trading. That’s why we are going to give you some powerful guidelines which will help you to trade the market successfully.

Support and resistance level

Most people don’t have the strong knowledge to analyze the support and resistance level. The novice traders usually take the trades at the minor support and resistance level and thus they lose the trades. But if you look at the experienced traders, you will notice that all of them have strong knowledge of this sector. So, learn to draw the support and resistance level in the demo account. And make sure you are using the higher time frame while doing this. Once you have learned this technique, try to trade the support and resistance level in the paper trading account. If you can win more than 80% of the trades, you may think that you have learned this process.

Devote yourself

Without having strong devotion in the learning process, you will never learn to become a successful trader. The elite traders at Saxo have worked hard to master the art of trading. They know trading is one of the most complex tasks in the world and they can’t afford to make any mistakes. That’s why they have learned about technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis with a high level of precision. Learning these three important form of market analysis will take some time and often make your frustrated. But once you are committed to learning the important details, you should become comfortable with the market within a short time.

Find a good broker

You might be thinking that the broker has no function to determine your trading performance. But if you look at the elite traders, you will notice all of them are taking the trades with the high-end brokers like Saxo. They know trading is a very sophisticated business and without having access to a robust trading environment, they can’t do the proper market analysis. So, try to find a reliable broker before you invest a big amount of money. If the broker gives you an offer that is truly good to be true, avoid that broker. You can overcome all these problems by choosing brokers like Saxo.

Learn to accept the losses

Without learning to accept the losses, it becomes tough to manage the risk profile. Most people think that they can earn more money without accepting the losses. But this is not going to happen in the investment business. If you want to make your life better, you must learn to accept the losing trades. Once you master this technique, you will need to feel stressed during the trade execution process. Focus on long-term goals and be prepared to deal with the worst-case scenarios. Once you become good at managing the worst-case scenario, you should be able to take the trades with a great level of confidence. And try to reduce the risk factor in the trades so that it becomes easier to accept the losses. Use a low leverage trading account and reduce your buying and selling power. Though it might seem like a bad action, it is one of the most advanced steps you can take as a full-time trader.