Food and hazardous materials and why they cannot be put in the storage


It is important that you understand why lifestyle storage Singapore or any other storage companies cannot allow for the storage of hazardous materials and food.


Food which are perishable are magnets which attract mold, pests, and mildews and even in a unit which is climate controlled they are not going to stay fresh for a long time. Even the items which are shelf stable might be tricky as some might bring bugs and rodents while for other, such as canned food, could risk combustion.

Always assume that the items which are perishable are not allowed to be stored in your unit and if you happen to have a question about the storage of non-perishable goods, then it will be best I you asked the storage company first before. You will find out the policies they have and what they are recommending. There are certain shelf stable items which you might be able to store as long as they are kept in containers which are tightly sealed

Hazardous materials

If the items happen to flammable, toxic, or combustible, then you are not going to be able to keep it in the storage unit.