3 Electricity Calibration Companies In Singapore


Electricity calibration is defined in terms of a method that is used for the verification of the performance and adjustment of instruments that are used for measuring and testing certain electrical parameters. The electricity calibration companies, therefore, carry out the examination to check and confirm the electrical product’s quality and verify it so that it meets the required manufacturing standards. Singapore has many such electricity calibration companies that provide the services along with selling some of the best electrical products and import them in the major world countries. Therefore, here is a brief list of electricity calibration companies in Singapore:

  1. Summit Power International: It is one of the biggest names in the infrastructure development and operating sector across South Asia.
  1. Sembcorp Energy: Provides sustainability solutions that are not only innovative but also customizable in services that are related to water and power plants. 
  1. Sel, That Is, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Southeast Asia: Popularly known for its digital products that carry out the protection control and the automation of power systems across the globe.  


Apart from these, you can visit the website of it to have a more detailed look at other such companies like Tuas Power Generation, Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte. Ltd., Pacific Light Energy, SP PowerAssets, etc.