See the Benefits of MF Ceiling Systems


Metal furring (MF) systems are made up of a suspended metal frame. The idea here is to allow for the direct fixation of plasterboard sheets to create a seamless, smooth finish. When paired with the right plasterboard and acoustic fittings, it provides high-performance insulation no matter where it is installed.

But it all takes having a pre-made kit that will come with everything that you need to build the right quality metal furring ceiling. You can even select the right dimensions using a simple slider tool, allowing the pros to create the components that are necessary to get the job done.

Easy Installation

There are a lot of things to like about an MF ceiling system. For starters, it is very easy to install. There is a space between the current ceiling and where you would like your new ceiling to be installed.

In that space, the MF ceiling can be installed simply and quickly, allowing you to get better acoustics in no time at all. There are other ceiling systems out there to choose from, but none that bring that level of convenience to the table.


Another great thing about the right MF ceiling is that it is suitable for using a wide array of types of plasterboard. The goal here is to create the kind of surface that is suitable for implementing more decorative finishes.

Just because the goal is to improve the acoustic properties of the room does not mean that the aesthetics have to suffer as well. That is where the different plasterboard uses can really come in handy.

Ceiling Sound Insulation

There are more than a few ceiling sound insulation solutions out there to choose from. Finding one that works for your needs can be a highly effective way of cutting down on the amount of sound that typically travels through your ceiling.

For multistory buildings and office blocks, this can be a great way of cutting down on all of that noise that would otherwise be disruptive and distracting. By having the right insulation, there are numerous benefits to be had. In addition to reducing the amount of noise travelling between rooms, there is improved sound quality. For certain settings, having improved acoustics can lead to better confidentiality in industries where that sort of thing is definitely a must-have.