Amazing Facts About Facebook you Probably didn’t Know


Way back in 2004, a small group of Harvard students led by Mark Zuckerberg, created a digital platform for the students to keep in touch and at first, was limited to students of Harvard. The other universities joined the network and from 2006, any individual over the age of 13 can create a Facebook account. Fast forward to today and Facebook is a global social media platform with literally billions of registered users, and here are a few surprising facts about Facebook that you probably didn’t know.

  • First Image Uploaded – You might be thinking it must be the cofounder Mark Zuckerberg, yet a photograph of a young Al Pacino was in fact the first image uploaded to the Facebook platform.
  • Hacking Statistics – An incredible 600,000 hacking attempts are made on Facebook every single day! The hackers would send stuff to everyone who is listed as a Facebook friend and while some are simply malicious, others are for profit through usually illegal means. Facebook employs thousands of digital security technicians to protect users’ critical data, playing cat and mouse with the hackers.
  • Daily Use – A staggering 64% of Facebook users admit to logging in on a daily basis, which is a reflection of the platform’s popularity. The reasons are many and include being able to post images, text and video onto their Facebook page, which is shared top all those who have ‘friended’ you. Your Facebook friends see every post you make and that means we can check out what our friends are up to and with the ‘share’ button, a post can go viral in a matter of minutes.
  • Why the Colour Blue? – If you have ever wondered why Facebook makes use of only blue and white, the reason is due to Mark Zuckerberg being colour blind with red and green.
  • Average Number of Facebook Friends – The average number of Facebook friends a person has is a staggering 338, while some users have only a few Facebook friends, others have literally thousands.
  • Facebook Advertising – Whether you need Facebook marketing in Perth or anywhere else for that matter, you can easily make contact with a Facebook marketing person and they will help you create an ads campaign. You could, for example, have a Facebook post sent to thousands of users’ feeds, or you could create ads and have them pop up on people’s feed as they browse.

Whatever your line of business, creating a Facebook account is a must and with some professional help in the form of an SEO agency, you can reach many thousands of Facebook users with your message.